COR-TEN® – der klimafreundliche Stahl

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COR-TEN®  – der klimafreundliche Stahl

Willkommen zu einem informativen Webinar über original COR-TEN® Stahl. Wir erläutern, wie COR-TEN® als Material für Fassaden und andere Bauelemente funktioniert, wie Sie mit COR-TEN® Stahl konstruieren und wie das Material in unterschiedlichen Umgebungen und Klimazonen funktioniert.

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24/3, 15.00-15.30, followed by a short Q&A session.

COR-TEN® is a steel with virtually eternal life. It provides a very favorable life cycle cost without environmentally damaging maintenance and with the possibility of 100 percent recycling. COR-TEN® is a registered trademark of US Steel. SSAB is the only steel company in Europe that has a license to manufacture COR-TEN®. With COR-TEN® from SSAB, you get a wear resistant steel that is guaranteed to follow current specifications for the material's composition and performance.

The webinar will cover, among other things:

  • How COR-TEN® works as a material for facades and other building elements.
  • Rust and patina, so the surface changes over time.
  • How to design with COR-TEN®.
  • How COR-TEN® is specified in drawings.
  • How to install COR-TEN®.
  • How COR-TEN® works in different environments and climates.
  • Why COR-TEN® is a good environmental choice.

Michael Olofsson

Technical Development Manager

Michael has broad experience from the construction sector, where his focus has mainly been on facades and roofs. In recent years, he has worked extensively with color-coated products in SSAB's GreenCoat portfolio. Michael also has a degree in house building technology.


Anders Ohlsson

Head of Technical Support, SSAB

Anders has more than 20 years’ experience in technical support towards customers and is now head of an organization that supports customers and application development.